Friday, July 8, 2011

Naza Talyya Penang Hotel's Poolside Wedding Package

Launching of Poolside Wedding Package

A week ago, I was invited to the launching of Naza Talyya Hotel, Penang, Poolside Wedding Package. Well, of course I was all excited about it, the only events that usually I got invited to, it is either from Nuffnang or from TimeOutKL, but so far none by any hotels or events company! Of course I was all excited about!

So after driving along for about 15 minutes from Gurney Plaza, depending on the traffic though, got to the hotel and got myself to the pool area.

The moment I walked out from the hotel entering to the pool area. I was like WOAAAAAAH, seriously, I was absolutely impressed by it! I mean seriously, Naza Talyya Penang Hotel did a fantastic job!

Just check out the pictures below and YOU be the judge of it!
This is the first thing you will see exiting to the poolside..
impressed right? haha no kidding!

and they have this mini-high-table beside the pool where you can enjoy some drinks while chit-chatting with your friends and what not...

Different angle of the area for the Poolside Wedding

What do you think, what do you think?

The picture below, you can see where is the food going to be placed as well..

A closer look to it!

Bits of the idea for you on the way how is the food being placed and decorated..
and that is me enjoying some of the food! and dudeeeeeee, let me tell you the food is nice! you can check with Naza Talyya Penang Hotel about what type of food they serve if you are interested!

oh, and this is one of the decoration they have for the tables....nice right? I like the whole concept, gold with white roses! classy!

Naza Talyya Penang Hotel had the honour of having the Director of Malaysia Tourism of Penang to launch the events!
oh! you can try imagining yourself, both bride and groom holding a champagne pouring it during your own Poolside Wedding Package by Naza Talyya Penang Hotel!

and maybe some awesome party popper as well! awesome right? ahh, wouldn't that be nice for your own wedding? =P

This is how the idea of the main stage during the wedding is going to be like!
With some flowers decoration, and you can have your own live band performing just like the picture below!
The stage with the live band, classy yet elegant yet romantic! Your future wife would love it! =D

as a bonus for your guest, you could ask your live band to walk around and perform for your guest too! such brilliant idea from Naza Talyya Penang Hotel! Something new yet nice for a wedding! I bet none of the hotel or wedding planner have this type of idea! Good one Naza Talyya Penang Hotel!
Oh, something for you to know, even if your live band is going around to perform for your guest, fear nothing that your other guest might be bored! Why? Just so you know, the Poolside Wedding Package by Naza Talyya Penang Hotel, it is actually beside the beach. Yes! Exactly beside the beach. Your guest can enjoy the relaxing wave sounds and the ocean's breeze, hence you do not have to worry that your guest would be too bored like every typical wedding, and sweat away just because it is outdoor! They can just walk to the side and start enjoying the scenery of the beach. What an awesome wedding that sounds right? =P

Here is some details for the Naza Talyya Penang Hotel's Poolside Wedding Package:
  • There will be package of RM68, RM78 & RM88 per head (depending on the food, decoration and etc. that you request for)
  • Other than the buffet, these are all included for any in the packages:
- One Bridal Room Complimentary For 1 Night Stay (room can be seen @
- 5-Tier Dummy Wedding Cake for cake cutting ceremony
- Backdrop with personalized design
- Free Parking
- Flower Arch for Entrance Decoration
- Basic Sound System
- Fresh Flowers for Bridal Room, Reception Table and Main Table

or you can contact them at:
No. 555, Jalan CM Hashim Tanjung Tokong,
11200 Pulau Pinang.
Tel: +604-8909300
Fax: +604-8908600

Wouldn't be this the ideal wedding?
Classy, Elegant, yet Romantic


Isaac Tan said...

are you like from penang? I'm a penangite too!

Nice review of naza talyya penang bro. :)

yeongboon said...

hey! thanks! =)

yup i'm from penang! oh woah, u're from penang too, small world! haha Penangite FTW! XD

Zonia Cruz said...

Wow! speechless the venue absolutely stunning so nice place.

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