Friday, June 15, 2012

Heineken UEFA Champions League Final 2012

UEFA Champions League Final in GSC Signature

Have you ever watch a live football match in a cinema?
Well, I watched! and freaking enjoy it!

Thanks to  Heineken and of course GSC was one hell of an epic experience! 2 thumbs up yo!

So everyone was pretty much excited about it!

The night started off with entertainment!

and pictures!
*btw, i'm not a fan of Chelsea, I'M A BIG FAN OF MANCHESTER UNITED JUST SO YOU KNOW!*
i'm supporting Chelsea because their an England's club! Chelsea FTW!

and of course with some Heineken to kick off the thirst!

and games! foosball!

and some interactive football games as well!

then it's time to PARTAY! i mean scream *GOAL*

it was one hell of experience yo!

Cheers to Heineken!

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