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Snow White & The Huntsman

Premiere Screening yo!
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Storyline was pretty the storyline in fact...but one thing I don't really like about this movie was Kristen Stewart....Well don't get me wrong that she can't act or the acting in it was just bad? no don't get me wrong....She was just too Twilight-ish I guess? Basically it resemblance Bella from Twilight throughout the movie... 
But one thing for sure, Charlize Theron was smoking hot! fuuh! haha XD

Rating.....6 out of 10.....

Snow White & The Huntsman
Check out the synopsis

Snow White (Kristen Stewart) is the princess of Tabor, daughter of King Magnus (Noah Huntley) and Queen Eleanor (Liberty Ross). After his wife's death, King Magnus falls in love with the beautiful Ravenna (Charlize Theron) after rescuing her from the Dark Army, a fleet of invincible glass soldiers who have enslaved several of the neighboring kingdoms. The two are married but Ravenna - who is in fact a powerful sorceress and the Dark Army's master - kills Magnus on their wedding night after claiming that men like the King exploit the beauty of women and discard them. As Ravenna seizes control of the kingdom, Magnus' most trusted knight, Duke Hammond (Vincent Regan), attempts to help Snow White escape the Castle, but fails, and she is captured by Ravenna's brother and enforcer Finn (Sam Spruell). Snow White is then locked away in the dungeons.

Over the next several years, Ravenna uses the Magic Mirror (Christopher Obi Ogugua) to capture all the women whose beauty might surpass her own and drain their youth, in order to maintain a spell once cast by her mother, which allows her to use her beauty as a weapon as long as she is "the fairest of them all". Tabor meanwhile is left in ruins under her rule and Ravenna's abuse of magic results in her stolen beauty fading

Fifteen years later, Ravenna learns from the Mirror that a now-grown up Snow White is destined to surpass her and that she must consume the young girl's heart in order to become immortal. She orders Finn to bring her Snow White but she escapes and is chased into the Dark Forest, where the Ravenna's forces ultimately lose her trail. Powerless in the Dark Forest, Ravenna locates Eric, the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), a drunken widower who survived a hunting expedition to the Dark Forest sometime before, and orders him to lead Finn and his men in pursuit of Snow White. In exchange she promises to revive his deceased wife Sarah, but warns him that he will be executed should he refuse. Duke Hammond learns that Snow White is alive and has fled into the Dark Forest from one of his spies infiltrated in Tabor, and his son William (Sam Claflin), Snow White's childhood friend, disguises himself in order to infiltrate Finn's band as an archer and find her

Eric soon locates Snow White only to be startled by her claim that Ravenna will betray him. He interrogates Finn and soon learns that it is impossible to resurrect the dead. The Huntsman then helps Snow White to escape, promising to escort her to Duke Hammond's Castle in exchange for a small reward of gold. The two pass through a village where all the women have disfigured themselves in order to escape Ravenna, where Eric learns about Snow White's true identity. They are eventually then found and tied up by a band of dwarves with an old grudge against the Huntsman, formed by Muir (Bob Hoskins), Beith (Ian McShane), Gorth (Ray Winstone), Coll (Toby Jones), Duir (Eddie Marsan), Quert (Johnny Harris), Nion (Nick Frost) and Gus (Brian Gleeson). The others are about to kill the captured travelers when Muir uses his powers of premonition to discover that Snow White's identity as the only person who can defeat Ravenna and end her reign of terror. They agree to help her

The group is attacked once more by Finn's men, resulting in Gus's death. The Huntsman kills Finn after learning he is the one responsible for Sarah's death. William then reveals himself and helps defeat the soldiers before joining the others in their journey to Hammond's castle. Ravenna learns of Finn's death and decides to take matters into her own hands. She disguises herself as William and tempts Snow White into eating a poisoned apple, but is forced to flee when the Huntsman and William attack her. William attempts to revive the now comatose Snow White with his kiss, but fails and takes her corpse to Hammond's Castle, not seeing that a single tear has fallen. The Duke and his allies mourn while the Huntsman professes his love for Snow White and tells her that she reminds him of his wife and kisses her, breaking the spell as she awakens after a second tear falls. Snow White then takes command of the Duke's army and promises to defeat Ravenna by leading them into war

The Dwarves infiltrate Tabor through the sewers and allow the Duke's army to invade the Castle after opening the gates. Snow White confronts Ravenna, but is overpowered. Ravenna is prepared to kill Snow White and consume her heart when Snow White stabs her in the heart instead, causing Ravenna to die after she withers into a decrepit hag, her true form. The Dark Army crumbles into dust and Hammond's army is victorious. Snow White is crowned Queen as the kingdom is restored to its former glory. In the crowd, she spots the Huntsman and they smile at each other.

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Good movie!
Check it out soon peeps!

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