Thursday, June 7, 2012

Malaysian team to enter as Super GT Wild Card 2012!

Guess what peeps?!
Malaysian team to enter as Super GT Wild Card!

Malaysian Super GT fans rejoice, as a Malaysian wild card entry in the form of Thunder Asia Racing Team, lead by Fairuz Fauzy and Hikori Yoshida in a Mosler MT900m, will blaze the tarmac of the Sepang International Circuit on the weekend of 9 and 10 June 2012.

Fairuz Fauzy’s participation ignites the national pride as the sole Malaysian driver to race in round 3 of the SUPER GT 2012.

Touted as the FASTEST Grand Touring Race in the world, and the ONLY SUPER GT race outside of Japan, Malaysian fans now have hope of a possibility of a podium finish. Fairuz is no stranger to the world of Malaysian motorsport. He has achieved remarkably well in past races. Isn't this awesome for Malaysian motorsport?! =D

In 2009, as a wild card entry the Mosler MT900m team piloted by Singaporean and British drivers gave an impressive performance (leading the race at some point during Round 4 Malaysia) earning the best wild card entry result in SUPER GT history.  With the support of Malaysian fans, the Thunder Asia Racing Team hopes to repeat history and take the podium this year. Maybe our own Malaysian driver would pull up a stunt or two?! Who knows?!

So peeps! Get your Grandstand tickets are priced at RM100 each, and can be bought online at or  In line with the initiative to bring motorsport to the public, all 2nd ticket bought with the 1st ticket reference code will be discounted at 20% (RM80). Children under the age of 12 can enter for free. 
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And just so you knoww......every ticket purchased will stand a chance to win lucky draw prizes such as 32” Panasonic LCD TVs, 43” Samsung Plasma TVs, 50’’ Panasonic Plasma TVs, Canon, Olympus & Fujifilm cameras, Nikon DSLR, Samsung S2, Anti Virus Product by AVIRA, GARMIN GPS, V Kool Tinting Services, Paint Shield Detailing and also motorcycles from NAZA. This year, all these great prizes amount to more than RM40,000.

Excited not?!

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