Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celcom XPlay Party @ Opera, Sunway Pyramid

Celcom XPlay Party

Was fortunate enough to get an invites from nuffnang to Celcom XPlay Party! muahahha....

So what is this Celcom XPlay Party?
It is a whole night of hot and live acts from both international and local bands and DJs. This time around, Celcom XPax presents Funky Kopral, one of the hottest chart-topping Indonesian Bands around at the moment. Joining them are local band, Estranged, Project Pistol and Wicked Aura, a Singaporean band making its Malaysian debut. And of course with awesome DJ Matt Alfords and MC Vibe to spin your favourite tracks to complete the awesome Celcom XPlay Party!

So I got there as early as 7.00pm just to collect the tickets!

Who knows, it's a VIP pass yo! XD

After an hour or 2...went back there all hype out to PARTY!

VIP what, of course have to take an awesome picture here right? =P
haha kidding XD

After taking some pictures outside...I walked in! and woaaah.....
Check out the pictures
and me! XD

one of the band performing....couldn't get any close up pictures of the band cause I was too far away! Or maybe it's time to invest into a better camera? hmmmmm haha

I wonder what party is Celcom or nuffnang is coming up with soon?
Can't wait!

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Thristhan said...

Wah, so nice can lepak. I didn't get the tickets :(