Friday, August 12, 2011

Eccentric, Sri Hartamas

Launching of Eccentric at Sri Hartamas

The pub was alright. Atmosphere was ok.... It's a small, nice and a chilling place to hang around if you're around the neighbourhood.

Just check out the pictures

The Bar counter..

And the "cutting the ribbon" ceremony! =S
*sorry, no idea what's the exact term to call it =S *

ok, the only thing that would really makes me wanna go to this bar is the live band...they are super good no kidding you...

Just check out the short video here

and of course i'm gonna leave my mark there since it was a launching! =D
SAW THAT! i know you're jealous! hahaha

That's all


jfook said...

Look like a nice place to chill =D

Isaac Tan said...

:P i like the scribbling on the wall part XD

toninkush said...

oh crap i cant even recall if i've been there before