Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Laser Tag Tournament

by nuffnang's GPlusMY
@ Galactic Laser, Midvalley

Was fortunate enough to get an invitation from Tony for this nuffnang's GPlusMY Laser Tag Tournament! Thanks so much! =D

Got there, sign-ed up! Ready to action!
Can you see our sign up sheet?
we call ourself...The Spy Krusher! muahahaha

and here's all the contestant who wanna put their hands on the prizeeees...

and here's the prize that all of us wanna get our hands on!

So after signing up and all.... it's time for some briefing regarding the tournaments..
check out all the serious faces...! haha
*chill la ppl, it's just a game* XD

after briefing and all, since it's a tournament, we get to walk around and get a feel of the Arena before we battle it off...
I gotta say, i-City has better Arena compared to Galactic Laser here in Midvalley

After that....suit up! Barney's style! haha

And here's the participant!

Team from KDU, they call themselves, PTPL KDU,
=S i dont get it, but ya...haha

SNSD, why la SNSD? you guys are not hot also? =D haha

nuffnang's blogger team 1: The Flamming Ferrets....mana ada flamming? haha

I think they are,....can't remember...hahaha sorry! =D

and presenting to you, the nuffnang-ever-awesome-fantastic-killer-crazy-madness-team
I'll tell u how we fair later on! hahah =D

I dont know what else to talk about this tournament, you wanna know why? We were beaten FLAT, and I mean FLAT!!!! hahaha
Out of 6 or 7 games, we didn't even win any games! kononnya the combination of the Champion and Runner-up for the MilkADeal Laser Tag Competition...FAAAAILL!! haha

After all the sad, pathetic beating we gotten from all the teams, finally a group picture and the crowning of the champion! yes, sad we are, pathetic we are! didn't win any games k! what do u expect la...sad case... faaill.....

and the Champion! yes not me, not me

and last but not least, the bloggers! haha

Thanks nuffnang and GPlusMY


Nana Eddy said...

should've had me in your team, then only can win maa~~ ahahaha~ too bad I missed it :(

Nikel Khor said...

Nice Nice

Thristhan said...

Havent got the chance to try laser tagging yet but sure does look interesting and less messier than paintballing.