Friday, December 23, 2011

Heineken The Opener

Are you a Heineken lover?

 it's a season of celebration! if somehow you think something is missing?
fear not, because what is missing is Heineken!

Do you only drink Heineken whenever you hang out in a bar? 
Are you one those people who only would order Heineken whenever you're having a drink with your friends
Are you one of those who only Heineken if you're asked to get a beer?
OR maybe you're simply a Heineken lover?

If your answer is yes to any of the above! this is one Apps that you should not missed out!
the Apps is know as...

HOWEVER, if your is a BIG NO.... you still gotta say yes, why? simple reason!
it's Christmas Season, how can you not have Heineken?
Without Heineken there is no celebration

So, simply type in "Heineken The Opener" in your Apple Store

Then this below is what you will find!

So simply click on install, and the Apps which is called The Opener, would then appear on your phone

After you get yourself hook up with this awesome Apps, it's time to explore it!

The best thing that I love about this Apps is, they have this awesome maps. What maps you must be wondering?
It's this maps where it will LITERALLY shows you where you can get a bottle of Heineken!

Check out the maps below

By the way, just so you know, you need to be within 50 metres away from the restaurant, pub or wherever chill out area where the serve Heineken
or else you would be allowed to use the Apps, just check out the pictures below
Can you see the green words below?

Anyways, back to the Heineken The Opener

Once you're ready to rumble, get your phone ready with a bottle of Heineken!

So how do you use it?
First of all, hold the bottle of Heineken
Then you will see small little bottle of Heineken (top right), 
and it will says "YOU FOUND IT" below

Once you found the cute bottle of Heineken, it's time to open the bottle

Just move it nearer to the top of the Heineken bottle, just like the picture below

Once you flip it, walaaa!

Then you will get to drink your bottle of Heineken VIRTUALLY...haha

So do you like it? you can share it with your friends too on Facebook! how cool right?

The best part about this Apps is, Heineken provides your with tips if you don't feel well after drinking.
Awesome aight?

Christmas is just around the corner, you do not want to just drink your bottle of Heineken with your friends but not doing anything else right? That's so boring isn't it?!
With this Heineken The Opener apps, your drinking session of Christmas might just get more interesting and fun! 

With this Heineken The Opener, you can just come out with some interesting game for you and your friends... Games - you could probably just line up a dozen of Heineken on the the table, then you and your friends with this Heineken The Opener on your phone...see who can open the most bottles of Heineken in the shortest time! Slowest has to down a bottle of Heineken! A season of jolly yo!

Since it is a season of giving, Christmas yo! Heineken is giving out too! By using Heineken The Opener, the more bottles of Heineken you manage to open, the more points you'll be collecting!  Meaning, if you collect like LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of points, you might just walk away with those below;
Heineken 5L Draughtkeg;
iTunes gift cards worth RM50;
Premium Heineken merchandise

Check out their Facebook page for more information, just click here!

What are you waiting for?!
Get a bottle of Heineken and get the Heineken The Opener apps now to celebrate!

Heineken and The Opener as the life of the part for Festive Season

 Disclaimer, This is a Sponsored Post by nuffnang


Nikel Khor said...

Interesting apps

Sherrie Pui said...

tiada iphone =(

benjamin foo said...

tak nak guna iphone untuk main~!

nice post though ^^

Asep SUlaeman said...

LOL haha