Friday, December 9, 2011

Summer Spin Cycle – Foam, Music, Party!

It's happening at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang!

This crazy Foam Party is actually organised by the awesome peeps who organised AloudAsia!

Ever heard about this foam party? You must be thinking "foam party?! what the heck is that?! are we gonna be throw into some sort of "soap foam" party?"
Well, guess what! you are so so right! it's gonna be one heck of a Foam Party!

This time around, the party heads north as AloudAsia presents Summer Spin Cycle – Foam, Music, Party! The music platform for established, upcoming and undiscovered Malaysian musical talent returns with more for a rocking good time. Having successfully rocked the previous AloudAsia, more local artists look to rock out with their fans in Penang this time around in AloudAsia’s Summer Spin Cycle foam party.

“AloudAsia’s Summer Spin Cycle is an all-out year end party for people to blow off some steam, enjoy good music and have a great time with friends and family. Hosting this party in Penang is a testament of our commitment in bringing Malaysian music to the masses,” said Andrew Pinto, Head of Momentum.

AloudAsia will feature local artists such as Rosevelt, Balan Kashmir, Tacmatic, Paperplane Pursuit and Beathesystem at the Summer Spin Cycle – Foam. Music. Party. at  Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Being a foam party, performing artists look to make waves and rock out with their fans in support of the Imagine – There’s No Hunger campaign.

“Aside from partying, AloudAsia will be contributing 10 per cent of all ticket sales towards the Imagine – There’s No Hunger campaign to fight against childhood hunger and poverty within our local community,” added Pinto.

Imagine – There’s No Hunger campaign is a global Hard Rock Hotel initiative that helps in the fight against hunger and poverty through the support of sustainable agriculture education and feeding programmes for children in need around the world.

AloudAsia’s Summer Spin Cycle is made possible through the support from sponsors such as Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Tiger Beer, Tanjung Bungah Beach Resort, Mitsubishi Motors and Kraft.
AloudAsia is a music platform conceptualized by Momentum, the engagement arm of McCann WorldGroup, for established and upcoming and undiscovered Malaysian musical acts. AloudAsia aims to bring Malaysian music to the masses by providing Malaysian artists with an opportunity to have their music heard.  

In addition to hosting these bi-monthly showcase of performances, AloudAsia also hosts Open AloudAsia a month prior to AloudAsia to source for undiscovered opening acts for the upcoming AloudAsia. Furthermore, AloudAsia also hosts Stage Aloud where local artists are given a platform to launch their latest album with the support from AloudAsia. At the previous Stage Aloud, K-Town Clan launched their new album.

 Wanna know how is it gonna be like? Just check out the pictures below!

Hot chicks in bikini yo peeps! XD

Party & Crazy people yo!

You wanna be there right?!

So make sure you head down to Hard Rock Hotel this 10th December 2011 yo!


Tekkaus said...

Our government allows this? haha :D

curtis03 Lewis said...

Glad to see this awesome party. I attended a music concert at one of LA event venues along with my dear friends. It was rocking and just fantastic event. Had lovely beverages there and enjoyed the day a lot. Looking forward for more such events.