Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Guinness 2011 at Jarrod & Rawlins @ The AMPWALK, Jalan Ampang

Gastronomic Experience
It's the season of jolly and celebration again
Merry Christmas & Merry Guinness

Thanks to the awesome 

Jarrod & Rawlins, Ampwalk

for an awesome
Merry Guinness 2011
Gastronomic Experience

Christmas is a season where family, friends and love ones all sit in one share their joy, sorrow, life and any important things one in person life to another person..
Guinness, no doubt knows that...just look at the arrangement of the table...
One long table, with everyone together

very nice deco by Guinness....simply beautiful and cozy.. 

How can Christmas be without Christmas Carol? Guinness knows that! =)

How can Merry Guinness be complete without a Guinness for everyone?

Food was then serve while the Christmas Carol being sang
and the food
Irish Oyster with Guinness Cream (left), mixture of Asparagus;Vinegar;Mushroom with Cheese (right)

 a bold way to start off a Christmas dinner by Guinness I would say....

Why? Having a first dish as Oyster and an unfamiliar Salad to the Malaysian folks, most people would say it is a bad idea... Most people would opt for a familiar normal salad with salad dressing...

BUT, how would your Christmas Dinner be special if you opt to go for something normal that you usually have for dinner? With these to start of a Christmas Dinner indeed is a special way to start of the joyful Christmas Dinner by Guinness...

Next was Baked Potatoes with baby Carrots and Yorkshire Pudding

 together with some dressing below

Baked Potatoes is one of the most English way to celebrate Christmas....Since Guinness is from Ireland itself.. Potatoes is one of the most important food in Ireland itself

You must be wondering why right? Back then in Ireland, potatoes was one of the main diet food for the people there. It was one of the main source of food for the poor especially. One fine day "blight" they call it occurred. The crops for the potatoes was badly affected. Hence due to this, lots of citizen were starve to death. Hence potatoes has become a really important food for the Irish.

Roasted Chicken with Chicken Bangers
 Roasted Chicken the best replacement for Turkey for Christmas.. 
to top it off, Chicken Bangers at the side
Roasted Chicken was nicely done with their very own seasoning, Chicken Bangers nicely pan fried...

Chicken Sage Stuffing
something uniquely different and nice I would say

To end it off
Assorted Cheese Platter, Dried Apricot, Almond ,Cashew, Raisins and Crackers (left), 
a glass of wine (right)

somehow I think this should be the appetizer...haha, well dessert for this was not too bad as well =)

Later on, we were serve with this below...
Maple Berries with some Bread

Bravo to Guinness for having this awesome, cheerful yet joyful Merry Guinness


Head down there for the best Christmas Dinner! 
Christmas is a 12 days Celebration, so you're not too late peeps!
How to get there?
Jarrod & Rawlins, AMPWALK, Ampang

Merry Guinness
Merry Christmas


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