Sunday, December 11, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil

At KL Live

Reaching the year end, it is getting more epic! especially this lining up week over weeks....Crazy isn't it?!

Just exactly roughly 2 weeks ago... Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil was back in town! 

Just so you know, Johnnie Walker Black Circuit's party is a celebration to the Formula Racer! This time around, Brazil is the last leg for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit! Hence, it was epic!

This awesome kinda party, how can it be complete without me right? XD
Gotten myself tagged and ready to party yo!

one of the awesome souvenirs for the VIP...super nice seriously..

Here is the registration place for the partying people...

Our Malaysian's Johnnie Walker....nicely take this picture

This as well

after chilling about outside for a bit!
We were taken pictures by some awesome gals!
muahahaha...jealous not?!

awesome guys taken by awesome gals! hahahaha
Outcome = AWESOME picture
super like this picture honestly =)

and check out the Miss Malaysian 2012 Finalist! they were there partying as well yo!

Let's get into the "circuit" yo!
our table with the awesome Johnnie Walker ready for us there...

and yes...this was the awesome peeps there that night! spot me? =P

oh ya! check out Iron Man in the making! haha

Isaac Tan signature pose!

Our entertainment of the night!

One of the co-emcee, Miss Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry in the house!

awesome deejays!

Look at the crowd! it was epic!

samba dancer

hottie dancing! right? haha

Check this gal out!
crazy right?!

Partying all the way with Johnnie Walker!

Were you there?
No? You missed out!

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Isaac Tan said...

i was there, and together we rocked the night bro! :)