Sunday, February 26, 2012

7aste Hong Kong @ 32 Mansion, Penang

Partying in Hong Kong Style

Even wanted to party in Hong Kong but never have the chance?

Well thanks to 7aste, they brought Hong Kong to us!
Just check it out how it was! Epic!
Just around the 32 Mansion, decoration was up just to hype out the Hong Kong atmosphere! well one 7aste!
That was how the outer part of the area looks like!

This was how the decoration like inside the 32 Mansion cum Hong Kong!
Dragon around the logo 7aste

This was how they make 32 Mansion become something so unique yet awesome...
I mean, we go clubbing/party most of the time....but with the idea 7aste is bringing, as if we're in somewhere different all the time but in fact we are still in one same place!

woots that's me! XD

and party gone wild! hahahaha
Everyone snapping picture when this happened!
It shows that how awesome 7aste party is aight?! =P

Can't wait for the next party yo!

So when & where are you bringing us to this time, 7aste?

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