Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fist of Dragon - Gala Premiere

Fist of Dragon
Gala Premiere

Got invited to this awesome event, thanks to Dragon Seed yo! XD

Fist of Dragon
from the producer of Ip Man

So I was told to be expecting Celebrities that will grace the event which includes Henry Thia, Monday Kang, Kelvin Lau, Steve Yap, Jehan Miskin, Michael Poh, Amber Chia, Jeff Lim, Wind Lee, Jason Chong, Lai Meng, Soo Wincci and many more..... 
excited giler! haha kidding... XD

The movie was good to me, really good...but some part of the fighting was a bit tidsy too long...but the actions was good! real good!

Rating - 6 ouf 10

Check out the Celebrities in the house yo at the Red Carpet of the Gala Premiere!

The director or producer...can't remember...with one of the main cast


and.....*drum roll pls*
Amber Chia
ok, I gotta say this...I didn't really like her before this, BUT her real person is super pretty! not kidding....

and chilling with the Celebrities and VIP while waiting for the movies

and the MAIN cast, finally after waiting for an hour or 2? =/

and me with some of the celebrities in the house....
I look horrible if I just got up, or maybe star-struck! haha kidding XD

Pretty gal yo!
and with Henry Thia!
Best picture EVER!

So what is the movie about?
Check out the synopsis below
“Fist of Dragon” is an action comedy that revolves around a town that is controlled by local triad and gangsters. It
tells the story of Li, who comes to South East Asia by the request of his father to help out his uncle, Uncle Chen who has been facing financial difficulties. Uncle Chen, a coffee shop owner in the town faces many hardships caused by the local triad. 

Li, upon arriving in the town, feels out of place due to the differences in cultures of the people here. When he discovers that his uncle has been facing many hardships posed by the local mobsters, Li decided to stay and to help his uncle and get rid of them. Li tries to help by fighting off the triad but ends up causing more problems. Li's actions soon bring the wrath of the triad and drag the whole town into turmoil. Moreover, Uncle Chen’s daughter, Lily is on the triad side and their relationship is badly affected when the confrontation between the triad and the townspeople reach its peak.

Check out the trailer if you're lazy to read!

So don't wait peeps! book your tickets or something soon!
It's gonna go on screen on the 23rd of February 2012
Check it out!

Excited much?!


Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

Whoa you got some really nice photos there. Looked fun.

bendan said...

Ehhh~ 6/10 still ok ma.. Hmm, why someone says it sucks one. LMAO!!

Amber Chia super thin lo... she's very friendly last we met. =D

Charmaine said...

Admire Amber to the max!! :D

MichLeong said...

Wah, I think your review has the best ratings so far. haha. Heard so many people cursing the show. lol