Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Premiere Screening yo!

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This movie is a "live-camera" based type of movie. Remember the horror movie "REC"? it sort of like that....I never really like movies like this, simply because it makes me dizzy and the feel is just not right...! don't like it...

For this, when it started, I was like arrghh damn!! but after a while I got a bit used to it...oh well......

I would rate this movie, 5 out of 10....Story line was not too bad.. =) just don't really like the ending...

Check out the synopsis below....

The film is presented as found footage mostly from a personal video camera owned by Andrew (Dane DeHaan); a high school teenager who starts videotaping his day to day life. At home, he is bullied by an abusive and alcoholic father, who is bitter about a firefighting injury that forced him to retire and the fact that Andrew's mother is dying from cancer. At school, Andrew is unpopular and friendless, frequently bullied by fellow classmates. One night, Andrew and his cousin, Matt (Alex Russell) attend a local rave located in a converted farm barn. Outside, Andrew is approached by Steve (Michael B. Jordan), who tells him that he and Matt have found something strange and they want him to come film it, leading Andrew to the mysterious hole in the ground which emits a loud and strange sound. The three of them proceed into the hole where they find a large, glowing object, which causes Andrew's camera to begin to distort. Upon touching the object the teenagers noses begin to bleed rapidly and they experience great pain. The object then turns red and the camera blacks out.

Several weeks later, Andrew, Matt, and Steve have developed telekinetic powers from their experience in the hole, demonstrating the ability to move, throw, and stop objects with their minds, with overuse of their powers causing nose bleeds and mental trauma. They then decide to visit the hole once again but discover that it has sunk in and the area has been sealed off by the Sheriffʻs department. Matt theorizes that their powers function like a muscle, becoming stronger each time they use them, but it seems that Andrew's abilities are accelerating at a faster rate than both Matt and Steve. Initially the boys use their powers to play practical jokes on people, and the three boys develop a close friendship, but Matt later insists they set rules regarding their new found powers after Andrew used his powers to send an impatient motorist off a road into a river.

A while later, the three discover that they can use their powers to make themselves fly and during one excursion are almost hit by a jumbo jet. Andrew expresses interest in using their newfound powers of flight to visit Tibet, due to its peaceful and tranquil nature. At Steve's request (and as a way to make himself more popular at school) Andrew enters the school talent show and proceeds to amaze his fellow students using his powers in the guise of magic. Andrew, Matt, and Steve celebrate Andrew's new found popularity at a local house party. Intoxicated, Andrew goes upstairs to a bedroom with a female classmate, hopeful of losing his virginity, but ends up vomiting on the girl, causing her to leave. Steve walks in to comfort Andrew, but Andrew, infuriated, tells him to leave. The next day at school, Andrew's new found popularity is all but gone.

Andrew becomes increasingly hostile and bitter due to his school and home life, abandoning his friends. During a lightning storm, a concerned Steve, having sensed a problem with Andrew finds an upset Andrew in the sky. Steve, worried about his safety, tries to calm him but Andrew's temper increases and Steve is suddenly struck by lightning and is killed instantly. At Steve's funeral, Matt confronts Andrew, suspecting him of intentionally causing Steve's death, but Andrew dismisses his assertions. In an attempt to come up with money for his mother's medication, Andrew uses his powers to mug some local thugs and rob a gas station. However, an explosion during the latter incident puts Andrew in the hospital and under police investigation. At his bedside, his upset father informs the unconscious Andrew that his mother has died and angrily blames him for her death. He then grabs Andrew and is about to strike him, causing Andrew to suddenly awaken and blow out the outer wall of the hospital room.

Nearby, Matt has an intense nosebleed and, sensing a problem with Andrew, heads to the hospital. Andrew appears, floating outside the hospital window and drops his father, who Matt proceeds to save. Matt tries to reason with Andrew, but Andrew is convinced he has evolved (referring to himself as "an apex predator"), showing no compassion or remorse. A battle commences, with Andrew crashing a helicopter and throwing around police cars, officers, and civilians alike. Matt attempts to subdue Andrew in the battle, who is delirious due to his exposed burns, but the police fire at them, wounding Matt, further provoking Andrew to attack. Matt begs Andrew to stop, but his rage causes him to inflict even more damage to the city. Eventually, left with no other alternative, Matt telekinetically fires a nearby spear from a statue through Andrew, appearing to have killed him instantly. The police surround Matt, but he flies away.

The final scene shows Matt, with Andrew's camera, landing in Tibet. Matt vows to both use his powers for good and find out what exactly happened to them in the hole. With that, Matt says "You made it" into Andrew's camera and flies away.

Check out the trailer if you're lazy to read!

Do check it out!
Pretty nice movie


Aki said...

so many so-so comment on this.. so, not worthy to watch at panggung la.. better wait for DVDrip then.. :D..

Henry Tan said...

dizzy like hell! and i was sitting at second row! it was horrible!