Friday, February 17, 2012

Isenbin, SS2

Authentic Taiwanese Handmade Desserts

Authentic Taiwanese Handmade Desserts
    Isenbin brings you authentic dessert recipes and ingredients from Taiwan!
They focus on making the best quality desserts, with quality and original ingredients from Taiwan. Bringing you the original delectable and distinctive taste!

Was actually wondering at one point what does that "Isenbin" means? Which come to amazed me "Isenbin" simply means "I Love Fresh Ice"....interesting aight? =D

Ambience of the restaurant is pretty nice....
Check it out!

 Pretty cozy right? =)

Honestly speaking, desserts shops has been popping out like a mushroom everywhere... whether it tastes nice or just normal...people are like queuing up for it every single day, morning night afternoon evening midnight! You name it...!! When it comes to desserts, sometimes I'm quite particular..
Why? Simply because most desserts in the markets, they are filled with sugar and other weird tastes which I do not like it at all....
But Isenbin, rest assured! Everything was handmade and it tastes really good =)

Some of the awesome desserts, drinks and food they served!
Grass Jelly Ice and Grass Jelly topped with Red Bean, Lotus Seed and Oee (left); Peanut Ice and Grass Jelly with Matcha Oee, Peanuts and Pearls (right)

Soya Ice and Grass Jelly with Green Bean, Barley and Oee (left); Soya Ice and Grass Jelly with Matcha Oee, Red Bean and Glutinous Rice (right)
All the above are just priced at RM6.50. Let me tell you, the size of it is humongous! Not kidding you! haha if you are small eater or you have already have a meal before that...please please please, order only one and share with your friends! =)

Hot Peanut Douhua (left); Lemon Jade Jelly (right)
The Hot Peanut Douhua was pretty different for me....It's a combination of tau hu fa, with Oee together with some different type of peanuts...pretty nice for me! Usually I do not really like hot/warm desserts, but this was fine and nice....should definitely give it a try peeps!
As for the Lemon Jade Jelly was pretty unique and special I would say....Basically it is a combination of Lemon Jelly on top, with shredded ice and some homemade lemon syrup...It tastes a bit sweet with lemon taste...never encounter this sort of desserts before...pretty special..

Covermilk Fresh Tea (left), Covermilk Black Tea (right)

Covermilk Winter Melon Milk Tea (left), Isenbin Enriched Chocolate (right)

Ice Blend Matcha Red Bean
They are good in their Covermilk Tea I would say.....pretty nice, rich and decent....Just so you know Covermilk is NOT JUST a name...Covermilk basically is a unique mixture of milk blend together with a certain unique mixed formulated by Isenbin themselves which gives the extra different flavour/taste to it...

What I like about Isenbin is that they do not only serves nice desserts and drinks only...they do serves food as well!
So peeps out there, you can always opt for Isenbin for a quick meal and nice desserts right after that! Perfect place! XD

Food they serves
Braised Beef Noodle Soup
Ok, this beef noodle is really really good! I'm not saying just because I wanna say it... ok, just imagine, when you're super duper full, and u eat something nice. You wouldn't think the food is as nice as well right if you're full? correct? But for this, I was stuffed fulled with desserts and drinks...but when I had this, it was fuuuh! delicious, mouth-watering! anything you name it! XD

Ramen Noodle Soup (left); Spicy Ramen Noodle Soup (right)
If you're not a beef person, they always have the normal one....spicy and not spicy =)

Nice food, nice ambience, nice drinks and nice desserts!
What else more you want?! XD
perfect place to chill and hang out with friends and family...

So how do you get there?
(next to Eu Yan Sang or opposite Wong Kok)
5, Jalan SS2/67,
Petaling Jaya, 47300,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 11.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m.  Daily

Go there tonight! Don't wait for tomorrow!


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something nice

“追食富迪” said...

I love d Soya Ice and Grass Jelly with Matcha Oee, Red Bean and Glutinous Rice .... :)