Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Restaurant Pin Xiang, Aman Suria


Restaurant Pin Xiang
Was pretty lucky to get to try out the Chinese New Year Dishes at Restaurant Pin Xiang just right before the end of Chinese New Year 2012. Basically this restaurant, they are famous for their crabs! arrghh! can't wait to try when i heard about it! XD

Well, I pretty much think I quite a bit of weight right after CNY....How to stop gaining weight la right?! food consumption is like crazy mad!! haha

Anyways, it wasn't some fancy restaurant, but it's pretty decent and nice I would say...
Check out the layout of the restaurant...

So the night started of with some decent yee sang of course! How would it be a Chinese New Year's dinner if there is no yee sang right!
Yee Sang
Typical Yee Sang, with some salmon as extra flavour....

Marmite Pork Rib
Always a big fan of marmite flavoured dishes. The marmite taste was just nice, as to some dishes by some people...the marmite mostly are too sweet which would not be quite nice if you're eating it too much...however, this is pretty decent, and just nice the taste... and with pork rib! perfect! tender yet fulled with flavour...nicely done I would say...

Stir-Fried Bittergourd with Chinese Pickled Lettuce
Bitterground together with pickles, nothing  much to say but simply an unique combination

Two Taste Prawns
One side, prawn with some herb leaves together with some floury eggy on top, love this! the other side instead, it's fried prawn with salad sauce! Pretty nice....Prawn was fresh indeed...But what I like the most about this dish is, there's 2 different flavour in one dish rather than the typical on flavoured prawn dish...

Claypot Garoupa Fish Head
When the dish was serves, I thought what was this?! Is it some vegetables dish again?! haha but nopeee...it was Claypot Garoupa Fish Head....pretty decent honestly speaking... love, taste was full =)

Braised Chicken with Yam
First look, it seems like some curry dish...but those milder spicy flavoured curry dish..Just so you know, it's actually yam with chicken...the texture was made by yam together cooked with the braised chicken...Never had this type of dish before, something different yet would tickle your taste buds... nicely done..

Yam Ring with Pou Ging Sauce Pork Rib
Pork rib was pretty decent and normal to me...What impressed me from this dish was the Yam Ring...usually most typical chinese restaurant who serves those yam ring, the yam ring it's either super duper thin, or just super duper soft...But Pin Xiang did a perfect job I would say. It was crunchy yet thick! and super nice!

and drum roll plsssss! XD
the crab yo!
Butter Crab (left), Hot and Sour Crab (right)
Butter crab was superbly nice! I was practically stuffed with food when they serve this dish...The taste was superbly nice, and the butter flavour was so rich yet not too rich... The crab meat was definitely fresh because it tastes juicy and sweet...
As for the Hot & Sour Crab, it was pretty decent I would say...Nothing special because my grandma always cook this when I'm back in Penang...haha but like i said beforecrab meat was definitely fresh because it tastes juicy and sweet...

oh to top it off! eat it with some bread

Waxed Meat Rice
There's always a rice dish at the end of a 8 or 10 course dinner! this wasn't an exception. I could not really judge how was the rice, because I was superbly stuffed! haha...But it was not too bad, because I finished it! XD

So what's the conclusion of this place?
Nice crab, nice food, reasonable price, and HUGE PORTION!
That's why I was stuffed!

So how do you get there?
Restaurant Pin Xiang
H-18-G, Jalan PJU 1/45
Aman Suria, Damansara
47301, Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 - 8945 8733
Fax: +603 - 8945 5733

A nice place for you to consider to have your Reunion Dinner for Year 2013


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Lou Sang lagi meh?

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Yummy yummy XD.. bursting with food there ya

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The meal cost how much? LOL

If reasonable I am interested into it lo :)

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Bruce said...

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