Friday, February 10, 2012

Penang Heritage & Cultural Chinese New Year Celebration 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year is pretty much the same to me most of the years...You get up early in the morning, meet up with cousins, go makan-makan with cousins and families....then hang around....then head back to cousins' hotel to chill, then go for a swim...then after out we go again to chill for a bit... that's pretty much the same old routine for me...

This year around, I heard from a friend that there is CNY-celebration-sort-of-thing going on at the city itself...without hesitation, I told my friend.....
"LET'S GO yo!!!"

You guys gotta read on this post and check out the pictures, the Chinese New Year's decorations with the heritage building in Penang..simply makes it superbly amazing! you be the judge later!

Penang Heritage & Cultural Chinese New Year Celebration 2012

Check out all the awesome Chinese New Year's decorations...simply amazing...

Chinese Muppets Opera

I super like this picture.... =)

Some of the traditional food selling on that day as well

One of the temple nicely decorated

Souvenirs for peeps like me!

and that's me on the left with a friend of mine...

more amazing places with decorations...

Traditional way of carving

ok you might be wondering what is this right? Read on and check out the pictures below this =S

Yes they are literally digging the eye! =S sick sick sick! damn sick right! =S
what for you must be wondering?
apparently is a "cleaning the eye" technique! wtf screw it upside down, top to bottom, left to right! I'm not gonna try! =S

Moving on...

Check out this cute little kiddo =D

and check out this cute little guy sitting here! hahah XD
kidding =P

then we came to this part where is more into like Peranakan kinda CNY celebration...
check it out

Peranakan's performances

The ladies dressed in Peranakan's dressing

Then this is the street where Hotels in Penang come together to showcase some of the Chinese and Chinese New Year's stuff

Saw this! and was impressed by it!

cute gal! XD

Chinese Traditional Performances

Some stall selling food and beverages with traditional it!

God of Fortune! haha...he didn't give me any ang pow damn!! XD

Dragon dance...


anywayssss, moving on... XD
Chingay Flag performances

Night scene of the whole place

that's all!
Hoping that this is a yearly event

Photos credit to Ho Wei Zheng


Nikel Khor said...

I just know there is a crazy jam only.. hehe

Taufulou said...

arghh..i miss out this year 1.cuz have to back kl n work liau . .:(

Čღήήϊє ♥ said...

wow nice one! I wanted to go there but can't make it in the end. U didn't see the peranakan mahjong?? :DD