Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Safe House

 Premiere Screening yo!

Thanks to nuffnang once again! =D

 Actions, explosion, fighting, mind games, this is the movie to watch! Love the movie, the story line is simply good....love it! and it actually shows you how dirty the police, government can get...

Rating 7 of out 10

Check out the synopsis below
After acquiring a seemingly invaluable file, rogue ex-CIA agent Tobin Frost flees to a US embassy while under fire. He is apprehended and placed in a safe house in South Africa, where young CIA-operative Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) acts as its guardian. The operatives interrogate Frost in order to reveal all of his criminal contacts by water-boarding him. A group of rebels interrupt the torture and kill everyone inside as Weston and Frost flee outside. Weston commandeers one of the civilian vehicles and orders Frost to get inside its trunk. Frost obeys as the rebels step outside and Weston leads them on a high speed chase around Cape Town.

After escaping successfully, Weston contacts his superior, David Barlow (Brendan Gleeson). He's more than hesitant when another official, Catherine Linklater (Vera Farmiga), orders him to go off the grid and to await further instructions. Meanwhile, Weston takes Frost to a run down apartment, where he demands that Frost handcuffs himself to the wall. He does so peacefully. Meanwhile, Weston contacts his girlfriend, Ana Moreau, and asks her to tell him if there are any suspicious vehicles outside of her residence. Ana notices a police vehicle and reports it to him. Weston then tells her to leave her apartment because it's not safe for her to be there anymore. When asked to provide an explanation for recent events, he makes up a cover story instead of telling her the truth. Weston is then ordered by the CIA to retrieve a 'package' - a bag with a GPS inside detailing the location of another safe house where Weston is supposed to escort Frost to. He does so, with Frost at gunpoint, and starts to leave the stadium.

In the parking lot outside, Frost pleads to nearby police officers to help him by accusing Weston of taking him hostage. They take both of them in. Weston is placed in custody and immediately notices that Frost has neutralized several guards at the infirmary, where he's supposed to be kept. After pointing it out on a surveillance screen to the policemen in the room, a few of them leave in pursuit. Weston stands up and dispatches of those left behind, taking their radio and arming himself. With Frost on the loose and disguised as a security guard, Weston gives chase, using the radio to lure the security details away from them both. Weston sees Frost amid the crowd and pursues him into a parking garage. They square off, holding each other at gunpoint, but Frost easily disarms Weston and injures him into submission. Weston asks if Frost will kill him, but Frost retorts that he only kills professionals, leaving the rookie both physically and emotionally broken. After reporting back to his superiors, Weston is told to go back to the embassy for debriefing and that they will 'take it from there', a phrase Frost warned him about as being a surefire indicator of being in trouble. Weston, however, remains determined to capture Tobin. He meets up with Ana at a train station and asks her to leave the country after confessing that he's a CIA agent. Ana rebels against the treatment Weston's giving her, but they both tearfully deduce that it's their only choice. After Ana leaves, Weston remembers that Frost autonomously wanted to go to Langa during their ride around town, before Weston ordered him otherwise. He finds am internet center and, while secretly being cyber-monitored by his superiors, finds Frost's known contact there.

With the discovery, Weston tracks Frost to the slums, where Frost is meeting an old associate in regards to acquiring fake documentation. The man, Carlos Villar (Ruben Blades), provides him with the requested documents. Frost then reveals to him the reason he's on the run - Frost actually possesses a classified file which contains the dirty dealings of several government agencies, including but not limited to, the CIA. Suddenly, gunshots erupt as rebel fighters storm the place and gun down Villar and his family. Frost manages to barely escape with Weston's help. After reaching a nearby apartment, Weston dispatches of yet another assailant in a tense close quarters fight. The rebel confesses that he and his crew are, in fact, working for the CIA. Having been shot in the same confrontation, Frost patches himself up and asks Weston not to tread in his footsteps. Weston is still unwilling to let him go and promises to take him in. Frost simply says "Good for you."

Eventually, Frost and Weston end up at the designated safe house being held by another CIA agent. After handcuffing Frost, Weston and the agent exchange stories about the mundane work of safekeeping these locations. Suddenly, the agent attempts to murder Weston but is killed by him in the process. A wounded Weston gives Frost the keys to his handcuffs and asks him about the file's contents as the latter prepares to leave. Frost shows him the file and subsequently heads for the exit, with Weston begging him to stay as he passes out. Meanwhile, Barlow arranges for a tete-a-tete rendezvous with Linklater after revealing Weston's latest location. Once they are in each other's company, Barlow executes Linklater.

Weston awakens with Barlow by his bedside. His mentor asks him about Frost's whereabouts as one of the assassins comes in. Weston realizes that Barlow is the traitor that's been feeding them classified information about Frost's movement. Barlow wants to get his hands on the file Frost's in possession of because it will incriminate him, and admits so himself. Gunshots signal the return of Frost, and Weston simply tells his old boss "You're a dead man." Barlow confesses that he's been so for years. Frost executes the assassins one by one as Barlow is sent flying by a detonated car bomb. Weston crawls and finally reaches a handgun on the floor as Frost appears. There is a moment of tension before the latter tells Weston to follow him. Frost is suddenly shot in the back by Barlow, who gleefully congratulates Weston on a job well done. Weston, in return, kills him. Frost using his dying moments to hand the file over to Weston, proclaiming that Weston might have an idea about who he is, but Frost knows who he's not. Weston solemnly acknowledges it as Frost passes away.

Back in the U.S., Weston is being debriefed by the agency's director, Harlan Whitford (Sam Shepard). Weston presents him with an accurate report about what happened, including Barlow's betrayal. Whitford deduces that having such a scandal publicized would not be good for the agency and its reputation, so it'll need some altering before it can be released to the press. He then informs Weston of his immediate promotion, which Weston notes is 'generous'. In a much less jovial tone, Whitford asks Weston about the crucial file that's gone missing. Weston lies about its whereabouts, claiming Frost would've never trusted him enough to discuss such a monumental secret. Whitford informs Weston that, if the file is leaked, the one responsible will be hunted down by a myriad of new enemies he or she will make. Weston sticks by his alibi and denies any involvement. Whitford relents and parts amicably with Weston as the latter informs him that he will 'take it from there'. Weston uploads the file online immediately afterwards. After travelling to France, he watches numerous officials, Whitford being one of them, as they are being summoned to court on the daily news. In Paris, Weston silently watches an unsuspecting Ana conversing with her friends and family. He uses his phone to draw Ana's attention to him and they share a smile before Weston leaves.

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awesome! actually I liked this movie :) hehehe

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