Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dongdaemun, Seoul

A must visit place in South Korea

Early in the morning, got up....went to the subway, off to Dongdaemun

for shopaholic, this is the place...

Dongdaemun Market or Tongdaemun (abbreviated DDM) is the large commercial district comprising traditional markets and shopping centers in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. A popular shopping and tourist destination, it has been designated a Special Tourism Zone (관광특구) since 2002.

Dongdaemun Market is located near Dongdaemun of which it takes its name. The market is divided into five shopping districts -- A, B, C, D and a shopping town, with 26 shopping malls situated over 10 blocks, 30,000 speciality shops, and 50,000 manufacturers. The market sells all types of goods but notably silks and fabric, clothes, shoes and leather goods, sporting goods, plumbing and electronics, office supplies, fortune tellers, toys and food areas specialising in Korean cuisine. It also has many pet shops.

The market was traditionally a night market and wholesalers once operated from 1:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Now, the area is open for 18 ½ hours a day from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., with some stores open 24 hours a day, although most stores close on Mondays and holidays.

Check out the pictures
this is more like the wholesaler

if you're a Mall person....this area has plenty of it as well!

basically the mall section is divided into 2...yes this is how big it actually is!

Section 1 - retail shops The main street divides Dongdaemun Market into two sections. Section 1 is on the side where Doosan Tower is found, and Section 2 is on the side of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park, the old site of Dongdaemun Stadium. Huge shopping malls in Section 1 basically sell wholesale and retail goods, but mostly deal with general customers and tourists at retail prices. Thus, they have facilities like money exchanges and information desks with English speaking staff. Opening hours are also aimed at general customers, opening from 10 am to 5 am the next day. Major shopping malls are Doosan Tower, Migliore, Freya Town and Hello apM.

Section 2 - wholesale shops Shopping malls in Section 2 sell goods both in wholesale and retail, but mainly sell in bulk. Malls here usually open at about 8 pm and close at 8 am or 5 pm the next day. The peak time comes late at night through early morning. Since most shops deal with wholesalers, there are no dressing rooms. Major shopping malls in Section 2 are Designer's Club, Migliore Valley, Nuzzon, Gwanghee Fashion Mall, Jeil Pyeonghwa, and Heungin Stardom. Among them, Jeil Pyeonghwa and Heungin Stardom attract customers in their thirties and forties. Teens and youth in their twenties usually visit Designer's Club, Migliore Valley, Nuzzon and Gwanghee Fashion Mall.

All the malls..

Pretty nice place to shop around, especially for gals...stuff there is really cheap & quality is not too bad as well =)

It's easy to go as well, just take the subway and stop at Dongdaemun's station itself!

For entertainment purposes....
pls wait for the next train if you know that the door is closing, or else your stuff would end up like that!
and yes, it happened exactly in front of my eyes



Chuen said...

Lol... I think staying there for a week won't be enough for me with so many shopping malls!

Cassy said...

nice... would love to go there too =)