Saturday, January 14, 2012


Ever want to have your own personalised Calendar or even scrap book?

Ever want that? EVER WANT THAT?! haha
If you fear that if you want to own one, you might need to hire someone who is good in designing to help you out with this. 

But fear not! With PhotoTalkz, you do not need this people anymore yo!

All you need to do is, download the software, PhotoTalkz and get started with it!
So select "Create a New Project"

Then pick a type of "project" you want....I opt for calendar yo!

So from there, it's pretty simple...just upload as many pictures as you file!
Pick the one with the caption "Add Files..." as seen as the picture won't be able to upload any pictures if you select the other one beside it...

So just pick your pictures and click "Select" at the right bottom..

Once all the pictures is uploaded, it will simply give you summary of how you would be expecting and how you want your calendar or what not to be like...

Then name your project just like below

So now this is the interesting part....
where you start to design how you want your calendar to be like!

you can first decide how and which picture you want to can do that by selecting those pictures at your left hand bar, where all the pictures are seen at!

 You can even put some background design at the back too!
Just like the one as you can seen below!

So after completing the design and all...You need to proceed with an on-line order procedure

Then you would come to this page to proceed it!

Once your payment has gone through, you'll be brought to this page as a confirmation for your order

Well, it's not done yet peeps!
You need to get back to the page where you created the calendar to send the data/calendar design to the vendor itself...
see below for reference

The Uploading Process

Once it is done, you be brought to this page showing the the ordering process done...

So that's all!

Simple right? Just check out for some upcoming promotions for this peeps!

Tempting to get it right?

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