Monday, January 16, 2012

The Pet Project Malaysia 2012

Getting Active to Help Save Animals

Recently, I volunteer myself to help out one of the charity project...Honestly speaking, I didn't know and did not see myself doing a charity..I mean I always have the intention of doing one, but there was never an action doing it....somehow when I heard about it, it just hit me, maybe I should do something to help out as well....
So walaa! I was the volunteer for the said event below, which is The Pet Project Malaysia 2012

It is pretty common where people refrain themselves to do charity work or going for charity because they think that they could not afford or so, so as well do not need to show out or do anything about it... Hence same goes to charity work for pets...people always have a negative thought about it.... But I think, as long as you have the intention to help, it is good enough for the cause...

The Pet Project Malaysia 2012
This event was held on 7th January, 2012 (11am to 11pm) at The British International School of Kuala Lumpur with the aims to raise funds and awareness through POSITIVE and PROACTIVE ways to create a platform for the public to learn more about the various animal welfare NGOs and the cause itself. 

The Pet Project Malaysia 2012 is a 12-hour “Get Active” marathon comprised of dance, fitness and sports-based classes taught by internationally renowned presenters along with performances from Malaysia’s most promising young talents. 

Aside from the Main Event (master classes and performances), participants could also visit sports carnival, playground, silent auction, rock climbing wall, rugby drills, a 2-hour workshop with Jojo Struys, self defense classes, animal welfare talks, football nutrition talks, face painting, Asia's largest football card montage, food & beverage stalls, sponsors & partners booths, merchandise booths and of course some NGO booths.

It was a total transparent event and all proceeds will be split to the smaller NGOs (such as Save a Stray, AnimalCare,  Paws, H.O.P.E., SPCA Selangor, Independent Pet Rescuers, MDDB,  KTAJ ( now known as SCRATCH) and Paws Mission) according to how many animals in their care and/or how much upgrading their facilities need. 

This project aims to be the first of a long-term goal to secure funds for animal welfare… they were looking at making this a world-class, top-notch, yearly event. 

Check out how was the venue like on that day itself....

Sponsors from Maggi & Nestle

Participants and Spectators getting their tickets once the door was open

That's me below at the extreme right with my partners in crime...we were the traffic control of the day...and some other things as well la...haha

Check out some of the participants with their pets already!

and I saw one of the participants with this cute and colourful dog, can't help it...MUST TAKE PICTURE with the dog! haha

So all the way up at the 4th Floor itself was all where the NGOs were placed at...



Malaysia's Dod Deserves Better (MDDB)

with their dogs which were up for adoption.....

SPCA Selangor

Independent Pet Rescuer

and there was some sketcher there as well!

Check out some of the pets

Check out some of the activities they had that day as well!



the spectators...haha should have join the fun la they all...

Wall Climbing

and Ning Baizura was there too to entertain the peeps! haha look at all of them, Star crush i supposed?

Sabrina Saw with her peeps conducting some classes for the participants

the energetic participants....

Jojo Struys doing her stuff with the participants

by the way, there were booth selling stuff as well for charity!

Last but not least, the Asia's Largest Football Card Montage
AND yes I was part of it! haha
all you gotta do is...purchase a pack of Football Cards

Put some double sided tape at the back of it

and stick it just like that!

and the outcome will be like this picture below!

oh well that's all!

One thing I just gotta say out of this, don't refrain yourself and don't be scared to do charity...there is always a first step to help people, if you never ever want to step out you comfort zone to help people or even will just be like everyone else who keeps on complaining about mistreatment....

So, people...step out from your comfort zone and start giving back!

Let's make a different from now onwards


Diana Diane Teo said...

The colourful dog are so ROCK! Hahaha
I also wish to participate for this kind of charity because myself owned 2 dogs and would like to save those poor little abandoned dogs. I am a dog lover by the way.

You had done a good job for participate in this one meaningful project

Mikhaela Chan said...

Soo cool!! During the very busy hours you still managed to grab so many pics!!! =) naiiisss^^

Anonymous said...

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