Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Malaysia Music Festival 2011

Where all the local talents come under one roof

Malaysia Music Festival 2011
The inaugural Malaysia Music Festival or M-Fest 2011 is a unique music festival brought to you by GFW Urban Youth Sdn Bhd. Auditions were held in campuses and online for nearly two months to uncover some of Malaysia´s hidden talents. The auditions had attracted a number of foreign students
At a live audition on 22nd October, nine new talents will be selected to perform together with top Malaysian artistes such as Gary Chaw, Z Chen, Yuna, Victor Wong, Ah Bin, Bunkface, Danny One and Gin Lee at the music festival on 3rd December at the Cheras Stadium Badminton.
More than 36 songs, a diverse music genre, amazing crossovers and unforgettable collaborations between some of Malaysia´s finest artistes can be expected at the festival. US based folk star Yuna and R&B prince Z Chen will collaborate live for the first time on stage. M-Fest is set to put the best of Malaysian music in the spot light. M-Fest features an 8 piece live band.

With all the selections the it comes to the actual night itself!

excited sial 2 gals here

So the night start off with a singing by all the top 9

The host for the night

and the event kick start by our local band
Bunk Face

Top 3
first performance by Contestant No.1

then, it is Gary Chow's turn

you guys gotta check out his live below...impressive giler! didn't really like him before this, but after watching him live, fuuuh! respect!

Danny One


Victor Wong with one of the top 9

Z-Chen with one of the top 9

Check out Z-Chen's live performance

one of the top 3

Ah Bin

woots us!

ok, what I think about this whole Malaysia Music Festival 2011?
It was really a great festival I would say. The talents that we have just blasted the night! but one thing lacking from this...The organiser GFW could have done much more Marketing plan...the night was sort of wasted because of lack of spectator I would say...The hall wasn't even filled half? It was that bad... oh well, I hope they do much more work for the 2012 version then! =)

Enjoyed myself! But it was a waste in a way

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