Saturday, January 28, 2012

Korean Food at Hongdae University, Seoul

A must eat in South Korea

If you did not have Korea Food when you're visiting there, please never tell people you've visited Korea =P

Guess what is this?
 it's pork skin just so u know! =D

Start bbq-ing yo!

Our chef of the day! XD

My friend told us we need to eat it like this when we have Korean Bbq.
something new for me

Bbq-ing the pork skin!

the dissatisfaction face! why? not enough food! haha

Just take the subway and stop at Hongdae University, and walk for 5 minutes, you can see plenty of Korean Food Restaurant!

I wanna eat now!


Nikel Khor said...

another great korea food..

josarine said...

I like Korean food! I love their music as well... :)

Allison said...

Looks good. yum :)

Henry Tan said...

BBQ is a must have for korean food! nice one! =D

thenomadGourmand said...

Hongdae Uni!
I rmbr going to tht area..but oh dear..i cant rmbr what i did when i was there!

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Woww Korean food, I love it so much !! *Drooling*