Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's always easy to find a nice place for can simply just google it, tons of it would just pop out! But as for don't even know where to go!

but fear not peeps, something big is coming out THIS MARCH and ease your headache!  
and that is.....
thirstMAG is Malaysia's unique drinks journal that reaches  out to today's increasingly discerning consumers. It is a journal that explores "drink subjects" from culture, venues. products and industry professionals.

thirstMAG work closely with industry experts to create new gateway in advocating better drink culture into the society.

At the same time, thirstMAG is an online based journal that is reaching today's technology savvy 21-45 years old consumers. It is to reach beyond the current magazine market and reaches consumers in Malaysia and further to the region.

thirstMAG comprises of a weekly updated News Flash and Features; Products for review, Venues such as openings and reviews, People for interview and biography and Gourmet section for recipes which are updated monthly; live feeded Facebook page and Twitter that keeps the readers updated about the latest drinks news and serve as forum for any drink related subjects.
Why thirstMAG?
Simple because they focus on specific media for information related drinks. They have real time connection 24/7 for their readers, so you can get your information even though you just got out from a club at 4 in the morning!

Additionally they have high caliber and experienced writers...further with enthusiastic individuals who are working in increasing the awareness of the drinks industry! Hence, fear not, you will be one of the most updated person about drinks once you starts engaging yourself with thirstMAG!

Further, they work together with Drink Experts who are influential to the drinks industry as well...So, who knows, they might have some INSIDER information for some upcoming-going-to-be-super-famous drinks information! haha like some spy-shit right?! haha kidding..

Advertising yourself on thirstMAG?
If you're not a consumer, probably you're one of the food vendors or someone who just started of your own food industry business....You could actually consider thirstMAG as a tool site to promote on your own brands as well....
You could check out the price as per below!

Check out on the left hand side how is your advertisement is going to be like on thirstMAG!
- Rates quoted above are as per week
- Minimum booking is 4 weeks
- Discount available on rates:
     More than 12 weeks = 5%
     More than 24 weeks = 10%
     More than 36 weeks = 15%
     More than 48 weeks = 20%

For existing advertiser;
You could create exclusive contests, events and promotions for high impact brand awareness and effective leads generation. thirstMAG could always partner with your goodself through the creation of such campaigns to maintaining and reaching out to your desired audience too!

It would be great to work with thirstMAG as well because they uses multiple channels through social media to distribute their messages, grow audience and extend marketing campaigns as well! They do have their own Facebook and Twitter page as well which are scheduled to be updated collaboratively with the website and partnership campaigns! Hence you just have to be at one of the social media, you would get all the updates you need!
If you're interested in advertising, you could contact them via;
mobile: +6012 - 339 7115

So are you excited for the check out this site yet?!
Make sure you keep an eye on

Excited not?!

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