Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dragonsoft Research 1st Technology Showcase

Technology for the future?

I was actually wondering what is this Dragonsoft Research all about when I was told about it? So after attending their first showcase...I was pretty impressed with it and got to understand better what is it about..

Dragonsoft is an R&D outfit that specializes in developing technology that bridges the gap in the way we communicate and interact with the technology surrounding us. Our main focus is to further develop the field of immersion technology and optical interactive technology.

Dragonsoft Research provides research services that include integrating hardware and software components, creating new forms of technology based solutions that can be used easily and inexpensively. Specializing in interactive technologies, they help integrate computing and out daily lives in a more intimate manner. 

They provide hardware and software procurement services, be it local or international. They will identify the best options for your needs. All you have to do is to see the options and decide what to purchase. They source items like, but not limited to projectors; diffusers; lasers; electronic products; RFID reader ans tags; Infrared spotlights & floods; projection mapping controllers; and software solutions....

So the 1st Technology Showcase was held at Vertigo at Gardens

The whole place was nicely done to host such special event

So after mingling around...they will come about to get to try out one of the  
Dragonsoft Research Software

and this is the cool one, we simply tag our own unique ID

then take a picture....

all of your pictures will go up to Facebook straight
Check it out! we were playing with it the whole night! haha

and this is the bunch who were occupying the Dragonsoft thingy the whole night! this will be the people that you would want to held responsible for hogging it the whole night! haha

Honestly speaking, I can't tell much about what is this software about.The best way would be, just check out the video below and you would know how awesome and fantastic it is!

Do check out if you wanna know more about it!

Awesome right?

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